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Studio Keen was founded by Angelina (Gini) Dörfler and Marietta Kiesling, two ambitious entrepreneurs keen on interior design, styling & renovations. While their paths have crossed regularly on Instagram, they first met in person at an event from vitra in late 2022.

Both of them already owned their own successful companies (@interiorbygini and at that time but found that they complemented each other so well, that working together was only a matter of time. Soon after they first met, Studio Keen was founded. Because if you want to go far, go together.

@interiorbygini and combine a social media community of around 270.000 followers - all interior and design lovers, keen on seeing the most spectacular interior design spaces, too. By uniting their interior design jobs, they also unite their knowledge, network, community, experience, and different approaches to design, resulting in offering the best possible services to our clients and partner brands.

Studio Keen is driven to create and inspire with interior designs that are not obvious. While Marietta is specialised in renovation, with a focus on old buildings, Gini has her focus on furnishing and decorating spaces.




Successful Interior Design Projects

... across the globe, including cities such as Madrid, Munich, Vienna, Köln, Berlin, and many more.


Followers on Social Media

Across all our channels.


Currently Running Projects

... with more projects planned in cities such as Tel Aviv, Hamburg, London, Florida, Dubai, and many more.


Exclusive Partner Companies

In order to fulfil our quality standards, we have built a network of incredible partner brands, with whom we exclusively work. These partnerships ensure the best possible and fastest results without compromising in design and quality. 

Exclusive Partner Brands

Studio Keen exclusively works together with selected partner brands, with whom a strong partnership has been built over the last years. These partnerships enable us to have direct contact & access to multiple companies, their network, and products.


Furthemore, Studio Keen only works together with their own, trusted craftsmen to meet our highest demands in quality and design. 

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